EU Ambassadors (2017, 2018)

Project “EU Ambassadors” is aimed to directly involve young people in the process of researching and presenting Serbia’s EU accession process to the young people in our country. High school pupils from three cities in Serbia (Nis, Krusevac and Novi Pazar), are going through intensive educational program where they are introduced with negotiating process and its

importance, as well as the significance of Serbia’s integration with European Union. They are working with speakers experienced in EU history and institutions, EU accession process as well as Member States officials in Serbia. After educational program, participants are making research about Negotiation chapters and best practices from Member States in the fields of culture, education and entrepreneurship. They are communication results of their researches to the youth in their town.

Partners: Ministry for European Integration, EU info point Nis, Swedish Embassy, Austrian Embassy, Dutch Embassy, French Institute