Mission and Vision

Youth Social Engagement

Strengthening the capacity of youth through actions aimed at the personal development of each individual with the idea of further contributions to the development of the local community.

Active and empowered youth

The open society in which youth are actively involved in the community development and regional cooperation through the participation in the processes of making and implementing decisions.


Youth for Youth

The Association started operating in February 2014 with the election of the first generation of ambassadors of culture, whose duties were to promote cultural events in the city of Nis to their peers on a weekly basis.

Since October 2014, activity of the association has been extended to promote sports events and events in the field of entrepreneurship. In addition to ambassadors of culture, there have been chosen ambassadors of sports and entrepreneurship.

2015. was a year of expansion for Young Ambassadors at the level of Serbia and the selection of the first generation Ambassadors of Culture in two other cities in Serbia: Kruševac and Novi Pazar. This is the beginning of creating a national network of young ambassadors with a common goal, to empower young people.

  • The first generation of cultural ambassadors has contributed to 30% higher visit rate of cultural institutions in the city of Nis

  • Support was obtained for the initiative to engage youth in the commercial and economic life of the city through a project of public advocacy.

  • 15% of the members of Commercial and Economic Council of the City of Nis are the members of Young Ambassadors of entrepreneurship

Young ambassadors

Ambassadors of Culture

Young people from primary and secondary schools and faculties who have free entry to the all cultural events. In this manner, they receive information which they use to promote the cultural content of the city of Nis to their peers.

Ambassadors of Sports

They have the task to promote a healthy life, nonviolence at sporting events and current events of Nis sports clubs. They are allowed free entrance to all sporting events in the city.

Ambassadors of Entrepreneurship

They have a continuous education in the field of entrepreneurship and their mission is to develop entrepreneurial spirit among young people and encourage them to start their own business and realize their ideas.

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